Monday, June 21, 2010

Going "Home"

It's amazing how Idaho is beginning to feel more and more like "home". Cory's family contains some of the neatest, most fun, most friendly people I've ever met. This last weekend was one of those rare times when Cory and I got to go up by ourselves, and while we missed the kids it was great to have some time to ourselves. We planned the trip when we found out that Cory's oldest nephew, his wife, and their new (can you really call a ten month old new?) baby were going to be there. I hadn't met any of them, Cory had never met his little great neice, and he hadn't seen his nephew and neice-in-law for a few years.

The weekend was full of little things that are worth mentioning:

Metallica/Linkin Park
Not being able to wait until traffic FINALLY cleared
Road construction
Getting to spend time with the family
Huckleberry shakes at the emporium
Campfires and family reunions
Annie I Over
GREAT food
Getting to play games with Dad
Troy and Clara on the 4 wheeler
Laughing until we cried
Cheetos and Cheezits
Sleeping in
Square Ice Cream Cones (Huckleberry again)

I can't wait to get back up there and see everyone again! But until then, here are a few pictures:

The family playing Annie I over.

Troy and cute Clara on the four wheeler. He is SUCH a cute grandpa with her.

CUTE Clara. I know it's not the best picture, but she is so in to everything, it's hard to get her to hold still. She has some of the best faces.