Friday, August 20, 2010

My daughter the photographer, and my son the nut

I found a few pictures on my phone while I was working on the birthday post that I just had to share. We went to Sam’s Club with my parents the day Lexie left for Michigan, and the kids started getting a little antsy. I took a few pictures of Lexie, and then gave her the phone. She took quite a few nice videos of my rear end as I was walking around the store (unfortunately, something mysterious happened to those so they will not be appearing here today) and apparently got some really good pictures of Phillip while I was looking for items. I thought they were too cute not to share.

I love Phillip's smile in the top couple. I can almost hear him laughing. They had such a fun time, and Lexie is so cute at keeping Phillip entertained.

The birthday party and the spider

Once upon a time, I had a blog…

A few weeks ago we had a joint birthday party for my two boys, born two days apart (plus a few years). We did our traditional meet at McDonalds for dinner that we’ve done every year. I love McDonalds. I love that we can go there and the cousins can play and have a ton of fun, I don’t have to worry about what to feed everyone, and someone else gets paid to clean up the mess. My family as a whole has kind of gotten away from doing the McDonalds birthday for various reasons, but everyone was nice enough to put their reasons aside and join us. Mimi and fam brought their celiac dinner, some didn’t eat and just came to play, some were only able to come for a bit, but everyone was there. Devon loved being able to see all of his cousins there. Phillip loved being surrounded by all the noise and chaos. The siblings all got to talk (or scream) to each other over the general raucous that the kids all caused.

Mimi made her family and all the celiac cousins cupcakes with celiac flour and soy milk frosting so they could participate in all the festivities. They looked amazing (both her boys had blue mouths from “helping” mommy in the kitchen) and from how quickly they were devoured I’m sure they tasted amazing too. Phillip doesn’t get to eat sweets very often, and I had stressed over what to get him to celebrate his birthday. I had finally settled for some animal crackers that he really likes. I’m sure, had he eaten them, they would not have even come close to comparing to the cupcake. He devoured it, licking up just about every crumb, licked the frosting off his fingers, and then started licking the table.. I think that would be the sign of success.

After the dinner, Shad and Cory started talking and Shad said he would like to come over to our house and work on getting our computer backed up on his nifty little system. We had Devon for about another hour and a half, so we invited the remaining cousins over to our house to play. Our house has not been the recipient of the hoard of cousins yet, and I am happy to announce it is still standing proudly. The cousins all spent some time enjoying our playroom downstairs, and then all quickly decided that outside would be a better option for the number of kids we had. They got the balls and mitts and toys that we had that could go outside, and let the neighborhood know they were there.

After everything had calmed down, and the kids were in bed, I went downstairs to make sure everything was closed and turned off. I went down in to the playroom, and there, on the wall right next to the toy box, was the biggest spider I think I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if all the kids and noise down there had stirred it and it was trying to make an escape or what made it decide to show itself, but the thing was absolutely huge. I yelled (ok, shrieked like a little girl) for Cory to come down and kill it, and he came to my rescue. Even he commented how big it was. Ugh, I hate spiders.

It was a really fun day, we loved having all the kids together, I loved having a chance to sit around and talk with everyone, and everyone slept really well that night. All in all, I think we’ll call this one a success.