Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby Teeth

Lexie’s teeth.. Ugh, where to begin. Lexie started losing her teeth when she was five. Her first top tooth fell out, then her second a few days later. Her two top teeth grew in, and then she lost her two outside teeth on the top, again both teeth were within days of each other. Then her bottom two outside teeth fell out. I thought it was slightly strange that her outside ones fell out before her middle ones, but when have my kids ever been the ones to do things normally. I figured they were just stubborn. I would check every once in a while to see if they were wiggling at all, but there was no give. We had an appointment with the dentist, so I expressed my concern to him. He told me that everyone’s teeth are different, and he was sure they would fall out soon. I asked at what point should I be concerned. He said that very rarely one of the permanent teeth won’t be there, but it isn’t something I should be concerned about because it’s so rare. I asked what we would do in that case, and he suggested we do an x ray on her teeth because it wasn’t worth discussing if it wasn’t an issue. We did a full x ray of all of her teeth, and she is missing not just one, but both of her bottom two center permanent teeth. Apparently it’s genetic, and runs in her father’s side of the family.

So what do you do? Options vary from patient to patient, but it sounds like the best option is to try to keep her baby teeth in as long as possible. Once they fall out, we can try to squeeze the other teeth together to close the space (not likely, as this works best with patients who are only missing one tooth or two teeth in different places), put in implants (ouch!), or give her a retainer with fake teeth on it. I remember one of my friends had one of these in middle school, and she used to flip her teeth around the bar on the retainer in her mouth. It made me sick.

For now, the baby teeth are holding strong, but there was an issue with them being really sensitive. She had pretty bad bottle rot when she was a baby, and her teeth aren’t really that strong to begin with. Back to the dentist… We did another x ray, the roots on the baby teeth are still fully developed and holding strong. He recommended we put crowns on her teeth that will provide an extra layer of insulation against cold and hot, and would also make them look like regular permanent teeth. So, we made the appointment, checked her out of school, and headed to the dentist for the crowns. They gassed her up, numbed her up, and started with the process of fitting the crowns on her teeth. I have a crown, I don’t remember it being that hard of a process. They put it on, make sure it fits right, and then cement it in to place. Apparently, it’s a very different story when you are trying to fit two crowns together on two little baby tooth stumps.

The dentist tried one tooth. Yep, that one fits good. Then he tried the other one. Yep, that one fits too. Then he tried both of them together… clink, clink, clink... Oops. “Can someone find that and sterilize it?” Wait a few minutes until they bring it back. “Let’s try the left one first.” Clink, clink, clink. “Where did that one go?” Wait a few more minutes. Let’s put some adhesive on it so they stick. (Genius..) Ok, they both look good. Now let’s clean the adhesive out and then we’ll cement them in. Waiting, waiting, waiting… “We can’t get all the adhesive out.” “Let’s try drilling it out with the drill.” Clink, clink clink… “No one move, we’re not sure where that one went.” Calling in techs from the other rooms to try to find the tooth… “Oh, there it is, way back there under the table in the middle of all the cords.” Take it out and sterilize it. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally, we are ready to start cementing them in. Apparently, this is a complicated process. Both teeth have to go in very close to the same time so they can get them straight. The tech hands him the first tooth, and he puts it in her mouth. The tech hands him the second tooth, and it gets stuck to his finger. Then, it’s stuck to his thumb. Finally, he gets it straight and goes to put it in her mouth. “Wait, which tooth is this?” Yep, they were backwards. He gives the tech back the second tooth, and starts working to get the first one off. He pries it off… clink, clink, clink. More drilling the cement out, more cleaning, one more dropping. Finally, they got the crowns on, the right teeth and everything.

Final product, her teeth look great. They were a little sore that night, but she is adjusting very well to having them. She had a hard time smiling the first day or so, because she wasn’t sure how to fit her new enormous teeth in her mouth (they are about twice the size of her baby teeth), but when she smiles now it looks more natural. The dentist says they should hold really well, as long as she doesn’t put too much stress on them, and this should help the baby teeth last longer. Looking back, I’m not sure the retainer with the fake teeth is really that bad of an idea after all…

Friday, October 8, 2010

Barefoot Adventures

I am constantly barefoot. At home, at work, outside, inside, it doesn’t matter. I don’t like shoes. I think they are uncomfortable, and ugly. I will wear shoes when I have to, which normally means at places where they are required, or where I know I risk losing a foot if I don’t wear them (public restrooms… EW). My shoes sit on a rug right inside my door, and I put them on right before I leave the house and take them off as soon as I get inside. Also, I normally take them off as soon as I get to my desk at work and will normally walk around the office without them on. Unfortunately, with our move to the new building, I am now required to walk past the offices of three very important people in our corporation to get to the copy room, a trip I make about 15 times a day. When we first moved here, I was scared to walk around without shoes on. I knew eventually I would run in to one of those “important” people, and I would have to explain to them why I wasn’t wearing any shoes. Lately, though, my desire to not HAVE to put on my shoes to walk 20 feet has outweighed my fear of getting reprimanded.

Speaking of football… Trust me, I’ll tie this all together in a little bit. My coworker (who I have worked side by side with for the last three years, and am very close to) is gone on a trip to Hawaii with her husband. This particular co-worker and I have a very “special” relationship. She constantly tells me to “go get a glass of shut the hell up” and I finish random comments with the phrase “except you”. “I really enjoy all the members of my team…except you”, “I am so happy with how hard everyone’s been working lately…except you”, and my personal favorite “I hope everyone has a good weekend….except you.” This is all said with a very sarcastic sense of humor that most people don’t get. She and I are just that way. We understand each other very well, and make each other laugh constantly. We also play mean jokes on each other. I have turned over all of the containers on her desk (which contain everything from pens and pencils, paper clips, binder clips, staples, etc) so that when she picked them up they would dump out all over her desk. I have turned her radio all the way up when she turns it off at night so it would scare her when she tured it on. I have disconnected her keyboard and mouse so she can’t use her computer. Not extremely creative things, but we have fun. Before she left for Hawaii, she told us there better not be anything wrong with her desk, or she’s going to be really mad. She didn’t, however, say anything about anyone else’s desk.

Final thoughts, and then I’ll get to the point of this little story. When we moved out to our new building, this coworker and I were put in very good desks. We are on the fourth floor of a great building that overlooks the whole valley, and the gorgeous mountains beyond. We were given the two desks that are right next to the window. Man, seniority rules! There was another coworker of ours who really wanted a window. She (jokingly) told my coworker that she was going to steal it from her, and offered her money for it. I really enjoy my window seat, but it kills my eyes to have the sun reflecting off my desk. Finally, last week, I decided I’d had enough and offered to trade desks with my other coworker who wanted the window seat. This little trade is what caused the following plan.

Monday will be my coworkers first day back at work in two weeks. I used to sit right next to her. I now sit down the aisle in my own little corner. Next to her is my other coworker. We have decided that tonight when I go home I am going to clean my desk of all of my personal items, and turn off my computer and phone. Both of these coworkers come in to work at 5:30 in the morning. I don’t come in until 7:30. On Monday morning, my coworker I switched desks with is planning on telling my vacationing coworker that I got caught walking around without shoes on by one of my superiors, was reprimanded, and went in to a fit of rage over being required to wear shoes. The plan is to let her believe that I walked out of my job until 7:30 when I come in. I am extremely excited for the weekend, but I have to say that this is the most excited I have ever been for a Monday. Hooray for torture!

Monday, October 4, 2010

This space is NOT for rent

My life has been very full of emotions lately. I’ve been noticing how emotions can take hold of someone, and if you let them they can root themselves so deep in your heart that they become the very center of your existence. Guilt, hurt, anger, sadness.. All of them can take over a person until that person you were doesn’t even exist anymore. For me, it has been anger. I have been so focused on things that have happened in my life that I haven’t been realizing how good my life actually is. For my own record, the following is a list of my blessings:
  • I have two amazing children that I get to see every day, hear their laughter, feel their love, join in on the “kid” stuff with them.
  • I have the most incredible husband, more than I could have ever dreamed of and way more than I think I deserve. He loves me unconditionally and lets me love him in return.  
  • We have a place to live, an adorable house that we get to make our “home” and it is exactly where we wanted and needed it to be.
  • I am part of a team. For the first time EVER I feel like I am with a person who is willing to work with me on accomplishing a mutual goal. Instead of us pulling in opposite directions, we are pulling each other along, and I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather be teamed up with.  
  • In this horrible economy, we both have great jobs with a company that is flourishing, and we are both in jobs that we love and are capable of accomplishing.
  • We both have amazing parents who are willing to support us in everything we do and help us in any way that they can.
  • We live in a country that allows us the opportunity to live our own lives and make our own mistakes.
These are in no particular order, they are just the things that felt important to me today. I’m sure that there are things (important things) that I am leaving off the list, but the point is that I have a lot to celebrate. Happiness is all around me, and I need to let it in my heart. Space in my heart is limited, and now it is my choice to no longer let emotions that are not healthy live in there. I choose to be happy. More importantly, I choose to LET MYSELF be happy. Life will happen, it may not always be sunshine and roses. But I am stronger than this, and my family deserves the best of me that I can give.