Friday, August 17, 2012

Ward Campout: Mommy Style

I will be the first to admit I am not a very "outdoorsy" person.  I hate bugs, I get sunburned easier than most people, I don't sleep well on the ground, all the things that would make camping a not very fun experience.  There are certain things about camping I love though.  Enough that there are times I just want to go camping.  It's been quite a while since I have gone, and I have never taken the kids.  I think Lexie would do well, and would love it, but Phillip would be quite a challenge.  Not only is there his love of eating all things found in nature, keeping him safe around the fire would be a challenge, and I have this severe fear of him escaping from the tent in the middle of the night.  He can be so sneaky, and he's WAY too smart for his own good. 

We started hearing about the ward campout about a month ago, and figured that might be a good time to try camping with the kids for the first time.  We'd have a ton of people around us who know Phillip and know his situation.  They'd be able to help us keep an eye on him.  Plus, we'd be camping with a bunch of friends.  We decided to try it.  We started talking about plans on how to do our best to keep him safe, and all the stuff that we would need to get together before we went camping, and then the night of the campout came. 

I had a really rough day at work, we hadn't gotten anything together that we would need to go camping, Phillip had been really rough the last few nights, and I just wasn't feeling up to going camping.  I knew both Lexie and Cory would be disappointed.  Lexie had been looking forward to it all week, and Cory LOVES camping.  It was going to be a hard sell to not go.  Cory understood my reasoning behind it, and he was ok not going.  Lexie needed some bribery.  I think the main reason she had wanted to go camping was a) because she had never been, and b) Mae Mae bought her a pink one person tent awhile ago and she's been dying to try it out. 

I used that as my bargaining tool.  I told her if we went camping she wouldn't be able to use it because she'd need to be in the tent with us.  But if we stayed home she could set up the tent in the living room, we could rent a couple of movies for her, and she could have a picnic in her tent and stay up later.  She bought it.  We set up the tent, rented her a couple movies she's been wanting to see, and she got to stay up about two hours past her bedtime.  Then we moved the tent up in to her room and she got to sleep on the floor, in her tent, in her sleeping bag.  I think that's really all she wanted out of camping.  She is one happy camper tonight. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dang Vandals

Cory and I were going to bed last night when we heard a loud BOOM from outside our house.  Neither one of us thought very much of it.  There are loud cars that drive pretty dang fast up and down our street outside at all hours of the night.  One of the benefits of living on a street that feeds right in to a main street.  We figured one of them had hit a box or something in the street and weren't too concerned.

Well, they hit a box all right, but that box happened to be attached to a post in our front yard.  Our mailbox.  Apparently as they were driving by they threw a basketball at it and the plastic post that it was on totally shattered.  The actual mailbox was ok, but there was no saving the post.  Cory didn't realize any of this until after I was asleep, and he called the cops and had to wait for them to show up and file a report so it was pretty late by the time he finally got to bed.  He's a pretty tired boy today.  The cop said that they have had multiple incidents of this over the last week or so.  Apparently school needs to start to give the teenagers around here something to do. 

We got a new post for it, wood this time which will hopefully be harder to break, and after some slight struggles getting it in it looks great.  Cory was talking to a few of the neighbors about it, and the girl who lives next door to us was out in the front yard when it happened.  She said they were going really fast and she didn't get much of a description of them.  It makes me sick that this all happened when it was still early enough for kids to be outside.  With how fast they were going, if one of those kids happened to be in the street they wouldn't have been able to stop.  I'm glad our mailbox was the only thing that got hurt.  The neighbor across the street from us said that his mailbox has been hit three times in the five years they've lived here.  Cory wants to rig our new mailbox with skunk spray and fireworks.  I'm half tempted to let him. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


We got an interesting call this afternoon..  Lovely Ex called while we were fixing some things around the house.  Cory almost didn't answer the phone not that I blame him but he finally did, and first thing she said was "Are you in Utah?"  Cory said yes, and she said they were on their way back from vacation and would be stopping in Utah in about three hours, and did he want to see the kids.  Uhm, yes?  He asked her why she couldn't give him more notice than that, and she said they were going to fly home, but at the last minute they decided to drive so they would be coming through.  So we agreed to see them, and she said she'd call when they got close so he could come get them.  They would be here between three thirty and four thirty.  So we finished up around the house, got ready, and waited for them to call. 

Finally, about four thirty, Lovely Ex called and said they would be at the parking lot by her house in about half an hour, and Cory could come pick them up there.  Cory told her that it would be easier if she could drop them off closer to our house, since anywhere they would be coming from would take them down the freeway that is about ten minutes from our house.  She said that wouldn't work because she needed to go get the key to her house from the people who were keeping it and she only had half an hour to get there.  So, Cory headed out to go get them.  He picked them up, brought them home, and since today is my oldest's birthday and it's tradition to always go to McDonalds for his birthday, we took the kids with us and all had dinner at McDonalds, even though my oldest wasn't with us.  Hey, it's tradition. 

So the kids played and ate and we enjoyed having some fun together, and then Cory went and took them back to her.  It was a very short visit, but we'll take what we can get.  It amazes me though how stupid Lovely Ex thinks we must be.  Either that, or she really is stupid.  When Cory went to go get the kids, he said she was in her car from California..  if they were originally planning on flying home, how were they going to get the car there?  Also, we asked the kids where they went on their vacation and Michael said they were at the lake house, their house here.  He said they had been sleeping there for five nights.  I really honestly think that she had something to do tonight and just needed a babysitter.  We're grateful we got any kind of a visit, but if it comes out that she was here this whole time and Cory only got to see his kids for three hours, we are going to have some pretty good evidence to use against her in court next time.  I really don't think she thinks of these things..