Monday, September 24, 2012

The Waiting Game

It seems like a good majority of our marriage so far has been spent waiting for something in regards to court.  Whether it's my divorce, Cory's divorce, garnishment proceedings, or whatever the case may be, I feel like we are getting way too familiar with the whole legal process.  I'm not sure if the waiting just seems worse this time, because this is the judgment we've been working towards for years and it has the possibility to drastically change our lives, but it seems like we've been waiting forever.

We had court on June 15th.  We were given two weeks to get our paperwork in to the court on what our findings of fact were, and what we were asking the court to consider changing.  We missed the deadline by a week.  Which, I figure, was pretty understandable seeing as how we had Cory's kids for the next two weeks after court, and neither of us wanted to be focusing on court paperwork during the time the kids were here.  We reviewed and revised things the week after they went home, and our papers were filed correctly the following week.  Lovely Ex and her lawyer were supposed to have two weeks to respond and file their paperwork, and then the judge would make a decision.  It is now September 24th, almost three months past when we filed our paperwork.  Lovely Ex and her lawyer turned in their paperwork.. last week. 

We received the first copy of the paperwork about three weeks ago, and it reads like a really bad work of fiction.  Her lawyer had even gone so far as to put in amounts that he stated they had already been awarded judgment on that were more than double what the amounts actually are.  He accused Cory of everything under the sun, none of which had been addressed in the evidentiary hearing, and none of which was relevant to what we were fighting over.  It was all just a character assassination.  So then we had to go back to them and had them change the parts of the papers that were wrong.  Then, they filed them incorrectly so they "got lost" in the system.  So that took another week or so for them to be found and filed correctly.

We finally received word from our lawyer's office last week that both sets of papers have been filed and they were in the process of submitting for a decision from the judge.  Once that step is done, the judge will take both papers and review them and make his final decision.  It's seriously like waiting for Christmas.  There have been so many things Cory and I have been putting off doing or getting because the money just hasn't been there, and it's so frustrating that it's still just out of reach.  We are hoping to hear back from him within a month or so.  I can't wait.  Let's hope it's something good. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ash and Soot Everywhere

I really wish I could figure out some way to direct Phillip's desire and ability to get in to things towards a good result.  It seems like no matter what we do to prevent him from getting to things, if it's something he really wants he will find a way.  Today, it was the soot in our wood burning fireplace downstairs in the playroom.  He got in to it the first time, and I took him upstairs, cleaned him up, and Cory wrapped duct tape around the handle and the holes to keep him from getting in to it. 

Twenty minutes later, he was in to it again.  Another shower, more tape, and we tried again.  After the third time, we put him in his room to keep him away from the fireplace.  I just went in to check on him, and he found a hole in the drywall.  He was sitting on his floor chomping on a piece and cried when I tried to get it away from him.  I'm not sure what else to do with him at this point.  It's reached a level where I'm pretty sure we're going to be better off just buying the house instead of trying to repair all the things he's damaged in it.  I'm so done today. 

He sure is lucky he's so cute.  I love his little face as he tries to process what's all over him.  I sure love this little boy.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tiny Celebration

Teeny tiny celebration today.  I'm not sure if I mentioned in my post about the most recent court date we had in Cory and Lovely Ex's divorce that one of the issues we were fighting on was her providing insurance on the van that we are paying on.  In the divorce papers, it says that all the debt that they had while they were married was Cory's, and that included the loan payments on the van that Lovely Ex got in the settlement.  Well, because she had failed to provide insurance on the van, the bank was adding their own insurance on to the van at a rate of $1500 a year.  Two years worth of insurance had been added, plus interest.  Finally about December of last year, Cory and I talked to our insurance agent and got a storage policy on the van just so we could stop paying the bank's insurance rates while we tried to fight it out in court over who should pay what. 

Well, in court, Lovely Ex provided in her documentation copies of her insurance cards for the policies that she has had on the van for the last two years.  Why it took us taking her to court for it I'll never know, but it was exactly what we needed to get the bank to add the amounts back to our loan.  It took multiple phone calls and multiples of hours on hold and the help of one very special friend, but we finally got everything straightened out.  We got the letters from the bank today that they are crediting us for the full amount that they had charged for the insurance, which decreases the amount of our loan by over $3000!.  I just did the calculations, and with our current kickass interest rate, and the payment amount that we are currently making, we will have the loan completely paid off in less than two years.  Add that to the reduced child support amount that we are hoping comes through any day now, and we should be completely out of debt by the time the van is paid off.  At that point, all of our money can go towards a down payment on a house, and then getting a vehicle that is actually big enough to fit our whole family in it at one time.  No more having to take two cars everywhere every time we have Cory's kids with us.  It was a great surprise, and a perfect way to begin the weekend.  I am so happy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It Was A Full Moon..

Full Moons didn't scare me growing up.  I figured superstition was all a bunch of hookey and that there wasn't much to any of that.  It wasn't until I started working at a restaurant when I was 19 that I really started to notice the connection between full moons and crazy stuff happening.  If something crazy happened, chances were pretty good that there was a full moon involved.  The night the soda machine caught on fire.. twice, the night the hose came unplugged from the ice machine and flooded the kitchen, the night the ceiling caught on fire, and the night Katrina and I thought we were getting robbed were all full moons.  If I would have known this weekend was going to involve a full moon, I would have stayed home. 

The weekend craziness started about three thirty Friday morning with Phillip waking up and trying to crawl in to bed with Cory and me.  That is extremely odd for him.  Normally if he is up, he's running around and going a million miles an hour.  The kid does not hold still.  About five thirty, Cory got up with him so that I could get some sleep.  He came back in about ten minutes later with a puke covered Phillip.  He had thrown up all over Jana's couch and rug.  This kid does not throw up.  EVER.  The only other time he has ever thrown up was when he was really sick with strep about two years ago and I thought he was going to die.  We got him and the living room cleaned up and I went back to bed.  Again, Cory came in about ten minutes later saying he had thrown up again.  So we cleaned him off again, and I gave up on going to bed.  He threw up two more times that morning, and after some deliberation we decided that we'd try taking him over to Mikelle's house where he would stop throwing up on Jana's things and we could put him in the basement playroom and just hose it off it he threw up.  He didn't throw up again..

Then, on the way home from Idaho, Cory was driving and we were behind a red SUV of some sort.. something smaller but I didn't pay attention to the kind.  Traffic started slowing down ahead of us, and Cory started slowing down, as did the truck and trailer next to us, but the SUV didn't slow down.  In what had to be the longest 20 seconds of my life, the driver slammed on his brakes at the last second, pulled hard to the right, went up on two wheels, swerved back to the left, fishtailed a bit, swung completely around so they were facing us, and slammed in to the guard rail on the other side of the freeway.  I swear the earth stood still for just a moment.  I was completely sure I was going to see someone die at the end of all that.  It could have gone so much worse.  The car in front of the SUV that they would have hit had three little kids in the back seat.  There was no one in front of the truck/trailer next to us, and if he hadn't have slowed down he would have been right in the SUV's path.  The SUV very possibly could have flipped or hit someone else.  I was shaking for about twenty minutes afterward, and I wasn't even driving.  We pulled off at the next exit for everyone to calm down and be able to drive again. 

Finally, late Monday night after we got home, we had the kids in bed and were just getting ready to go to bed when we heard brakes squeal and really loud BOOM.  Cory grabbed his cell phone and ran outside, and I followed staying closer to the house so I could keep an eye on the kids.  At the end of the street I could see a lot of smoke, a lot of dirt, and the tail end of a car.  There were a lot of people running around, and it was hard to see what exactly had happened.  Apparently, a few teenagers were driving down the main street that our street feeds in to, and decided at the last second to turn right on to our street.  They were driving too fast, and slammed through the cinderblock retaining wall that separates the house on the corner from the busy street.  They demolished the family's garden, almost going far enough to hit the house.  The three teenagers then got out of the car and walked away, leaving it there, and the car caught fire.  Some of the neighbors chased down the driver and made him come back, but the other two in the car never returned.  It was a crazy ending to a very crazy weekend.  I almost didn't want to get out of bed and go to work today.  Next time there is a full moon, I'm refusing to leave the house. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Said I'd Never Do This...

I have blogged a few times about Lexie's hair.. It's a bit of a challenge.  We normally have to chemically treat the crap out of it in order for it to begin to do anything I want it to do.  We have permed it, chemically straightened it, etc for the last few years.  This year we chemically straightened it twice, and the second time something went drastically wrong.  I'm not sure if her hair was just weak, or the stuff we used was extra strong, but her hair started breaking off all over her head.  She had huge spots in the back where the hair had completely broken off.  As it grew back, it began to stick up in various places, much like a toddler when they cut their own hair.  You have these funky pieces that you just don't know what to do with.  Well that's how her hair was..  all over the back of her head. 

Mikelle had told me a few times previous to "the incident" that Lexie would look really cute with short hair.  Lexie wanted short hair.  The only one who didn't want short hair was me.  Only the people who actually knew me growing up know how I feel about short hair.  Well, I am now sharing my pain with the blogosphere so you all understand how much I HATE short hair. 

My mom had my hair cut in the standard seventies bowl cut pretty much my whole childhood.  The kind of haircut you would see on a lot of the little... boys... when I was growing up.  I am quite a "masculine" girl anyway.  No one has ever described me as "dainty" or "feminine".  I hung out with boys.  I dressed like a boy.  My third grade teacher thought I was a boy.. literally.  She called me Johnny and though my name was just a unique way to spell it.  I was way too shy to correct her, so I kept answering to it.  I was traumatized by my hair and continued to be teased about it well in to middle school.  You think I'd have learned my lesson. 

The summer before my junior year I went to stay with Mikelle down at BYU where she was going to school.  She had finished her cosmetology school and was earning extra money by doing hair, and her hair and her roommate's hair were both cut in this really cute, short style that I absolutely loved.  I told her I wanted the same haircut, and she jumped on the opportunity.  I went from having hair in the middle of my back to having hair above my ears.  The problem was, I was not nearly as good at doing my hair as they were, and I ended up looking.. like a boy.  Again.  This time, it earned me the nickname "Butch" which stuck until after I graduated high school, and led again to a gentleman on our family vacation calling me "young man."  At seventeen years old.  That was THE END of short hair for me. 

Needless to say, I had panic attacks every time Mikelle talked about cutting Lexie's hair off.  I did not want her to be teased the way I was.  Of course, you think by now I'd have learned my lesson, Mikelle knew exactly what she was talking about.  We all went up to Idaho for Labor Day to get haircuts, and I realized there was absolutely nothing else to do but cut all her hair off.  It looks stinkin adorable.  She has the perfect hair for it, and all the annoying little places in the back where she has all of her cowlicks and everything work perfectly with her new haircut.  She loves it, I love it, and I'm so glad we ended up doing it.  Lesson learned, Mikelle is a hair genius. 

She went from this:

To this:


And I think she looks completely adorable.