Monday, June 24, 2013

I Have a Problem...

I have OCD.  Not full-blown, need to wash my hands 17 times OCD, but little, annoying, makes my life difficult OCD.  Certain things drive me completely crazy, like to the point where (to quote Sheldon**) I feel like I want to tear my face off and rip it in half and then keep ripping until I have a bunch of Sheldon-face confetti.

 **Big Bang Theory reference.. if you guys aren't watching it, I highly recommend at least googling Season 6, Episode 21.   

I think the hardest part of dealing with this is explaining it to other people.  People that don't deal with me on a regular basis don't understand why the rubber band they left on my desk justifies me walking across the office to find them and give it back, or that yes, Season 9 of Scrubs really sucks, but you have to finish it because you've watched the other eight seasons.  They don't get that you can't read the book you really want to read, because you started a book four months ago that you really don't like, but you can't read anything else until you finish it so now you aren't reading anything. 

Cory is very understanding about certain stupid things driving me crazy.  He's witnessed me turn in to a stammering mess because he volunteered to help clean the house and I can't think of anything for him to do because he can't mop the floor because I haven't vacuumed the stairs and I haven't vacuumed the stairs because I haven't vacuumed the hall and I haven't vacuumed the hall because I haven't swept the bathroom floor and I haven't swept the bathroom floor because I haven't cleaned the counter and I haven't cleaned the counter because I haven't cleaned the mirror and I haven't cleaned the mirror because Lexi hasn't brushed her teeth yet..  I'm getting better at letting stuff like that go. 

The big deal right now is a stupid puzzle.  A stupid, stupid, takes up all my time, frustrates the crap out of me puzzle.  It started about 7 years ago.  I like Tigger.  I like puzzles.  I had just separated from my husband and moved back in with my parents, and I found a puzzle of Tigger that is a photomosaic puzzle.  It looked like it would take a while, it looked like it would be impressive when it was done, and it looked like something I would enjoy.  My older sister had bought me a puzzle tube where I could roll up the puzzle and put it away, so I began putting the puzzle together.  One thing led to another, and the puzzle sat rolled up in my parents' basement for a few years.  When Cory and I got married, one of the things we moved was the puzzle.  The tube was in a plastic bag, and the end of it was open.  I figured it was probably missing pieces, but I didn't want to put it together and find out.  I took it all apart and put it back in the box.  I put the box under our bed. 

About a month and a half ago, we rearranged our bedroom.  I found the puzzle under the bed.   It began bugging me that it was just sitting in the box, not put together.  I got it out and started working on it again.  When Cory's family came down to stay with us his sister helped me finish putting it together.  We were missing three pieces.  It really bugged me that we had gone to all this work and the puzzle still wasn't done.  I convinced Cory to let me buy another puzzle off of Amazon so that I could finish it.  It was used, and I figured it was probably missing pieces, but the chances of it missing the same pieces was slim.  I ordered the puzzle.

When the second puzzle came, I went through each piece trying to find the three that were missing.  I couldn't find them.  The puzzle had over 1000 pieces.  So, I began putting the puzzle together again.  I finally finished it tonight.  Sure enough, it was missing two pieces, but they were in different places than the pieces of the other puzzle that were missing.  I got out the other puzzle so I could combine the two, and that was when I realized they were cut differently.  I couldn't combine them.  It took everything I had not to throw them both across the room.  There was no way to fix this.  Amazon seller rating got quite the review, plus this  little bonus that I wrote on the inside of the box lid.
I filled out the forms to return it, and took them both apart and put them back in their boxes. 

I had that usual uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I knew that this would eat at me until I finally figured out a way to finish the puzzle.  I got back on Amazon and found another seller who had the puzzle, and it said it was still in the seller shrink wrap and unopened.  It was more expensive than the other two had been.  I figured it was worth it for me to be able to finish the puzzle.  I ordered it. 

For those of you who don't understand, you'll never know what it's like to miss a whole scene in a show because the ice cream carton keeps switching from purple to green, or you'll never notice that the microphone is showing in the top of the screen for half of a movie.  You'll never be disturbed that certain books have page numbers that are out of order, or that the stripes in the carpet aren't straight.  It won't bug you that there is no exit 11 on the freeway, even though there is a 12 and a 10.  You'll never get why this puzzle needs to be finished, but I hope you'll at least appreciate how good it looks when it's done.  If you don't, please just pretend, for my sake.