Monday, July 8, 2013

Parades and Fireworks and Guns... Oh My!

Fourth of July in Idaho has become a tradition for my family, and I'm so grateful that Cory fits so well in to those plans.  This year, the fourth fell on a Thursday, and Cory and I didn't see the sense in trying to make it back Friday for work, so we made a long weekend of it.  Lexi was in Michigan with Mae Mae, and Delinquent Ex wanted to spend time with Phillip, so we headed up without the kids to enjoy some good hometown fun. 

The fourth started with breakfast at the park, followed by the carnival at the church, and the parade down the main street in my sister's town.  She has an awesome setup with the parade passing right in front of her house, and the fireworks being set off in the park directly behind it.  We can enjoy pretty much the whole day without ever having to leave.  Cory and I felt a little left out of the whole kid scene with the parade with none of ours there to enjoy it, so we "adopted" my oldest sister's youngest child, and Cory spent the whole parade with him on his shoulders waving to everyone passing by.  The other kids learned very quickly that there is no better candy magnet than a cute little kid, and pretty soon we were surrounded by most of the kids picking up the candy that was thrown to us.  Cory told all the kids that we got a 10% tax on all their candy, but I think they still cleaned up pretty good. 

After the parade, we went to go spend a little time with Cory's family, who apparently didn't get the memo that we wanted to spend time with them, so we ended up having a nice romantic dinner just the two of us in an awesome Chinese restaurant his sister introduced us to.  Then it was time to head back for the fireworks.  Cory told me the first year that he came that he wished he had his sunglasses.  The fireworks are directly over our heads, they are bright, and they are LOUD.  So, this year, he enjoyed the fireworks from behind polarized lenses, and was able to enjoy the ride back to his sisters without seeing the remnants of fireworks every time he closed his eyes. 

The next morning, we headed up to the Valley to spend the rest of the weekend camping with Cory's family.  We did all the "usual" camping stuff that I never got to do growing up.  Camping in my house meant going to my grandma's cabin and doing facials and crosstiching.  Life is very different when you come from a family of one boy and six girls.  Camping with Cory's family means throwing knives, shooting guns, hiking, and playing in the dirt.  It was amazing.  We had campfires every night, a few really spectacular rainstorms, and went through about 1000 rounds of ammo. 

When the weekend was over, we didn't want to come back.  It's always a little depressing coming home after a great weekend.  We went shooting with everyone one last time before we broke camp, and couldn't resist getting a picture of all of our fun weapons together.  I never knew I liked camping until I met Cory, and he has opened my eyes to this whole new world, and I am amazed every time at how natural it all feels.  I'm starting to crave it, and I'm so glad I get to share in it with him.  I am definitely one lucky girl.