Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday Getaway - I was a Brave Girl

About a week before Cory and I left for our "birthday getaway", he asked me if there was anything I was afraid of that he didn't already know about.  Here's the problem...  I'm kind of a wimp.  No, I'm a severe wimp.  If there is something that there is a chance someone will be afraid of it, chances are pretty good I'm afraid of it.  I told him he knew most of the things that I was afraid of, but it may be a good idea to tell me what he was thinking of if he wanted me to be prepared.  He asked if I was afraid of water, or of heights.  Just so happens, I'm afraid of both.  I hate being IN water, but being out on water is ok.  Heights I do not have a good relationship with, but as long as I was fairly secure about what we were doing, I figured I'd be ok.  I am so glad I didn't talk him out of what he had planned, because it was an amazing day. 

We started the day driving out through the National Forest to Jenny Lake.  We took the ferry across the lake and did a hike that led up to the Hidden Falls.  It was a really pretty hike, but my word was it crowded.  It seemed like there was just a constant stream of people going each direction, and no matter which way you turned you were pretty much stepping on someone.  It was totally worth it when we got to the falls though.  They were really pretty, and the hike wasn't too bad.  When we finished the hike, we took the ferry back across the lake and got to see some really pretty views of the different peaks that make up the Tetons. 

After the hike, we drove to Teton Village and took the tram up to the very top, a climb of about 4,5000 feet, which it does in 15 minutes.  Once again, it was PACKED with people.  I have personal bubble issues, and some girl who tried to crowd me against the edge almost got an elbow in the face.  I did push one guy out of the way, but he totally deserved it...  Anyway.. the view from the top of the tram was breathtaking.  Literally.  The air was so thin up there I had a really hard time breathing.  We went in to the little waffle stand that is up at the top and got some drinks, and some rocks for Lexi.  She likes the polished pretty rocks, and they had a bunch up there that were from the area.  Plus, they were pink and purple.  I couldn't resist.  Cory pointed out everything that we had seen the day before so I could get my bearings, and then showed me all the different mountains, and which ones he had hiked growing up.  Then it started raining, and was cold, so we took the tram back down. 

When we were done with that, we went and met up with some of the family in downtown Jackson, and did some shopping.  I figured it was my reward for being brave.  We each got a few t-shirts, and I got a hat and a sweatshirt too.  Then we headed back home and relaxed the rest of the day. It was a perfect birthday weekend, and I couldn't have asked for anything better. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday Getaway - Touring Jackson and Bar J Wranglers

I don't really like birthdays..  I don't like all the focus being on me, and I hate being expected to make all the decisions because it's "my" day.  I normally end up feeling like I'm making people do things they don't want to do, and I always have this fear I'm going to turn in to one of those divas who has to have everything revolve around them.  I completely understand people wanting to make you feel special on your birthday, but I try really hard to have it be just a normal day as much as possible.  I love that Cory understands this. 

However, we have this sort of agreement about my birthday.. it turns in to a "trip" holiday.  Cory's birthday normally gets rolled in to Christmas, and it's too cold and snowy to really go do anything fun.  So, every year for my birthday, we try to take a fun trip that both of us enjoy.  This year, we agreed on going to Jackson Hole for my birthday.  Cory was born there, and except for a couple of day trips, one clear back when I was in college, I've never really spent any time there.  I told Cory I wanted to go "see" Jackson.. see where he lived, where he went to school, where he hung out.  We live where I grew up, so he gets to see stuff from my childhood all the time.  He tells me all these stories about where he grew up, and I wanted to be able to see the places.  He asked if he could take the idea and run with it.  I was more than ok with that.

He did an awesome job planning the weekend.  We took off early from work on Friday, dropped the kids off with their dad, and headed up to the Valley.  We got in pretty late Friday night, and Saturday morning we were a little slow getting going.  We headed over to Jackson Hole, and spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon driving all over Jackson with Cory's mom.  They showed me the house he had grown up in, where the school was that he went to, where his friends lived, where he used to ride his bike, where the bus picked him up, where the "force" story happened, if you don't know that story, ask Cory.. it's one of my favorites.  Then we drove down to the square, parked, and walked around.  They showed me the bank where Cory's mom used to work, restaurants they used to eat in, where the edge of town used to be, what businesses used to be where... it was really cool to get an inside look at Jackson Hole. 

After lunch, we headed out to see the Bar J Wranglers.  Cory's aunt had been waiting in line since 1:45 for the show, and the gates didn't open until 5:30.  She wanted us to be close, and she had a certain place she wanted to sit.  We joined her and kept her company, and then when the gates opened and we got the table we wanted, we played cards for about an hour at the table until dinner was ready to be served.  Dinner was good, the show was funny, the seats were amazing.  Cory grew up with the brothers who are in the show, and he ran in to quite a few people he knew from when he lived in Jackson.  It was a great, busy day.  I loved getting to see the places that were important to Cory, and getting a visual to tie together all the stories he tells me about his past.  I didn't realize until the end of the day that I did not get one single picture...  Next time we go up, I'll have to have him show me all over again so I can get pictures. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Packing Practice

It's no secret, I enjoy going out of town.  99% of the time when Cory and I go out of town, it's to Idaho.  The other 1% is our trip we took to California to pick up his kids for Christmas the year we got married.  That trip still lives to this day as the worst trip we have ever taken.  This weekend, however, will be forever known as the trip that didn't happen. 

Normally when we go out of town we don't take the kids with us.  I figure that the kids need time with their dad while he is still around to spend time with them.  Also, traveling with the kids is significantly more difficult.  Cory and I can go for five days and take one suitcase not counting all the guns, ammo, knives, targets, and other miscellaneous weaponry that needs to come with us.  When the kids come, that gets upgraded to two suitcases, one bag of food, one cooler of cold food, two bags of toys, two sleeping bags, the DVD players, and a partridge in a pear tree. 

On top of all the stuff we have to take, there are about three days of preparation that have to happen before we are able to go out of town.  We have to do laundry so we have clothes to pack, make sure we have all Phillip's food prepared and packaged, put new music and movies on Lexi's iPod so she'll stay entertained while we are up there, make sure all of our electronic devices are charged and ready to go, and make sure I have new books on my kindle so I have something to read while I am in waiting for the kids to go to sleep.  I know, people travel with kids all the time and probably handle it way better than I do, but it really stresses me out. 

This weekend Cory's family is having a reunion up in Idaho Falls.  We made plans to go, and we were planning on taking the kids.  We went through all of the necessary preparations, we were all excited to go, I was up until almost eleven last night making sure everything was packed and ready to go so as soon as I got home from work we could jump in the car and be ready to go.  Then, this morning, Cory messaged me at work and told me that Phillip had woken up and thrown up in the night, and he was not acting like he felt very well.  We decided to wait and see if it was a one time thing, or if he was really sick, before we made our decision about whether or not to try to go.  Then he threw up again. 

I really hate when he is sick.  I feel so bad for him, not being able to comfort him or explain what is going on.  He seems so upset that his body isn't working right, and gets really frustrated that he doesn't feel good.  I'm glad it happened before we actually got on the road, this is just not the weekend we had planned.  It could definitely be a lot worse, but it's always hard when one of the kids is sick, regardless of the situation.... poor little guy. 

So I got to come home and unpack everything I spent the last two days packing.  I was half tempted to just leave our stuff packed so it'll be ready to go when we go out of town next weekend, but the OCD in me just won't let me do that.  At least it's good packing practice.