Monday, July 20, 2015

Updates Galore

It's amazing how fast time slips away, and how much things have changed.  There have been so many things that have happened where I would think "I need to write this while it's still fresh.." and then life gets away from me and the moment is gone.  Reading back through my last few posts this morning, things have changed so much.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Lovely Ex did make the move from California to Utah with the kids.  Shades did not come.  We aren't sure what happened there.  She said in court that they were "working on their marriage", but the kids say they left because Mommy got mad at Daddy because he hurt her.  Regardless of why they left, the change meant that for the first time in YEARS Cory was able to exercise regular visitation with his kids.  
  • Delinquent Ex has been taking the kids very consistently.  We have gotten to the point where he has them at least every other weekend, he has them for extended periods on holidays, and this summer we even switched visitations where he has them all week during the week and we take them every other weekend.  It was very unnerving on my part to take my babies and drop them off to him, but they have loved it and they do so well with him.  It has been very nice to be able to take them and be comfortable leaving them, and we've even taken a few vacations without them.  We are currently working on doing split custody which would give him the ability to get a three bedroom apartment and the kids would no longer have to share.
  • Cory bought a new gun.  His third (I think?) since we've been married.  He got a Glock 19, and it is by far my favorite gun that he owns.  The Kahr is really hard for me to hang on to (with my giant man hands and the horrible kick) and the AR-15 is a little too powerful for me, and it scares me.  The Glock fits nicely in my hand, and it's heavy enough that it doesn't kick too bad.  I am still very much getting used to shooting, but this gun has made me come a long way.
  •  I finally got a complete puzzle (see this post) and put it all together, and it was beautiful and my OCD was finally happy.
  • Cory and I flew to Birmingham, Alabama for a work conference, and were snowed in during an extremely rare and unforecasted snow storm.  Alabama had sent the few snow removal machines they had to Georgia because they were supposed to have snow, so when the snow hit there was nothing that could be done.  People abandoned their cars in the middle of the freeway and walked to warming stations.  They did shelter in place in a lot of the schools.  They called out the national guard.  It was quite intense to be a part of it, especially since it was nothing compared to what we get here, but I guess when you are used to snow and have the appropriate equipment it's not a big deal.  
  • We made the decision in February of 2014 that we wanted to buy a house, and decided to leave our wonderful rental property when our lease was up and move in with my parents to save some money.  We ended up buying our house in May of 2014, and moving in June 21st.  We are LOVING having our own place and a little more space, and luckily we were able to find something really close to my parents and most of my siblings.  
  • Cory got his first kidney stone.  It was horrible watching him in so much pain, and I'm so grateful it was small and once we went to the hospital and they gave him pain meds he never felt it again.  He has made quite a few changes to hopefully never have one again.  I don't blame him one little bit.  
  • We learned a lot about home maintenance and remembered what it's like to be setting up a new house again.  We got to remodel our kitchen before we moved in, adding granite countertops, a new stove/oven, and a new microwave.  We replaced a good majority of the outlets with child resistant outlets and learned about wiring.  Cory got to do the plumbing on the kitchen sink a few times and finally got it PERFECT.  We bought new decorations and figured out where to put all our stuff.  We finally got to the point where we feel settled in.  
  • We started the kids going to a new dentist, and on our first visit Phillip opened up his mouth and let the dentist check his teeth, didn't bite anyone, and even got to the point where he sat in the dentist chair for a little bit.  I cried.  I feel I was justified.
  • We canned pears for the first time up at my sister's house in Menan, and are loving having home canned pears instead of the rock hard gross store canned pears that we had been eating before.  We are almost out and need to do a ton more next time.  
  • Lexie started middle school and is LOVING it.  She is going in to seventh grade next year and is so ready for it.  She finally got the hang of keeping her grades up the last trimester of last year, and was able to end with 5 A's and 3 B's.  Compared to her grades the first two trimesters, that was quite an accomplishment.  She has also learned that she loves dance, and was able to make it in to dance company for next year.  
  • After having 3 of the kids in one room upstairs we made the decision to move the girls downstairs to the bigger room and leave Michael upstairs in the room they were in.  Lexie has loved pretty much having her own room and bathroom down there, and loves to rearrange it when she is bored.  She has been really responsible in getting herself up and ready for school.  I can't believe how much she has grown.  
  • We have had a few family parties over at our new house, and are so grateful for the space when everyone comes over.  It is a FULL house, but I feel like it's big enough to the point where we don't feel like we are sitting on each other.  
  • Cory and I took a fabulous trip to Vegas over Christmas while the kids exercised their visitation with Delinquent Ex.  We stayed in a great hotel suite, ate at tons of good restaurants, saw a few shows, did some sight seeing, and then came home and took a whole week off to recover before we had to go back to work.  It was a great vacation.  
  • We made the decision to no longer exercise visitation with Cory's kids.  It was a very hard decision, and came from a situation that happened while we were on vacation with Cory's kids.  I will attempt to do a full post about it, because I would like to get it all down.  I know a lot of people won't agree with our decision, but we really felt we did what was in the best interest of everyone involved.  
I think that's all the updates!  Now hopefully I can get back in to blogging things that I want to remember without feeling guilty about all the things I haven't blogged about.