Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Garth Brooks

I love Garth Brooks.   I grew up listening to his music, and had always heard about his concerts and how amazing they were.  I love him as a performer and musician, and I love who he is as a person.  I was so disappointed when I heard he was retiring, and I had never had the chance to go to a concert of his.  When Cory and I heard the news that he was coming out of retirement, and would be performing for two nights in Salt Lake, we knew we had to take the opportunity to see him.  They announced when the tickets were going to go on sale, and Cory and I made arrangements to be able to get them.  They were selling them online, you had to wait in a queue depending on when you signed in, and there was a limit of 8 per person.  As Cory and I talked about it, we decided if we were going to go, we wanted his whole family to go with us.  His mom and sister had introduced him to Garth's music, he had watched concerts on VHS at his brother's house when he was growing up.  He new of at least a few nieces and nephews that liked him.  We decided we'd each get in and each get 8 tickets, and we'd invite everyone to go with us.

The morning the tickets went on sale, Cory and I were both working from home.  We both got in the queue as soon as it opened, and I was a little ahead of him in the queue.  It popped up for me to get tickets, I selected 8 for the best seats available, and was in the process of checking out when I heard Cory make a noise behind me.  He wasn't able to get in.  The tickets had sold out in 20 minutes.  We had a little discussion about what to do, and decided since there was no way to return what I had bought and try for another show that we would just make a list and work our way down.

We ended up going with Cory's mom, his sister Jana, his niece Kendra, and her boyfriend Cory.  We had a hard time finding people who were able to take the last two tickets.  With the concert being the day before Halloween, a lot of people already had plans.  I had given them to two friends, but they cancelled about half an hour before the concert.  It ended up being nice to have a buffer between us and the people around us.  The concert was packed.

We decided to ride trax downtown for the concert, and have dinner at City Creek mall before the show.  The show was as amazing as I hoped it would be, even though our seats were horrible.  We were third row from the top in the huge stadium downtown.  Garth looked like a little ant from where we were sitting.  But just being there and watching him perform was amazing to me.  He played all his great songs, did some duets with Trisha Yearwood who was touring with him, introduced the band, did a couple encores, and showed us just how amazing he is.

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