Monday, June 20, 2016

Girls' Camp - Take One

Lexie has started going to Young Womens' in our new ward, and has really been enjoying it.  They invited her to go to camp this year, and she was so excited about it I couldn't say no.  I had my reservations, because, you know, it's me.  We have only been eating gluten free since January, and I wouldn't be there to make sure the food was safe for her.  This would be her first trip without family.  She had only been camping once before, and it was with Cory and I.  They would be CAMPING.  I am not a huge fan of bugs, bears, or the outdoors in general.

As we got closer to her going, I met with the young women leaders who would be in charge of her.  They decided in order to not worry about her getting sick, they were doing gluten free for the whole ward.  We got together a few times to talk about menus and ideas, and it seemed like they really knew what they were doing.  She went to the activities before camp where they did their first aid training, and talked about all the things she would need to know.  She got her packing list, and we went shopping to make sure she'd have everything she needed.  Just to be safe, I packed her a whole extra bag of food she could eat, and gluten blockers in case she got sick.

The morning they left, she was driving me nuts she was so excited.  I was working from home, and had a couple meetings I needed to take care of before we left.  She kept coming to check on me every five minutes to see if I was done yet.  Finally, it was time to go.  We packed all her stuff in to the car, headed to the church.. and no one was there.  We were a few minutes early, so we waited.  While we were waiting, I started thinking about her going, and how little she was, and I started crying.  I am THAT mom.  I cry over everything.  Lexie looked at me, kind of rolled her eyes, and said "Mom, why are you crying.. I'm going to be FINE."  I pulled myself together, waited until it was past time for everyone to be there, and texted one of her leaders.  She said they were on their way, just running a little late.  They showed up about five minutes later.. with five of the other six girls who would be going to camp with Lexie.

When I went to girls camp, I think there were about 30 to 40 girls just for our ward.  It was huge.  This was what I pictured when I pictured Lexie at camp.  Her getting lost in this sea of girls, and not knowing anyone and being scared and alone.  There was a total of nine girls going to camp, and two of them weren't going up until the next day.  Six of the girls going were in beehives with her.  She knew everyone.

They loaded everything up in to the trailers, read a scripture and said a prayer, took a picture of all the girls, and then said it was time to load up.  Lexie came over and gave me one more hug, and I held it together until she went to get in the car.  I started crying again, so I quickly got in my car so I didn't embarrass her.  And then they were gone.  I drove back home, and let myself in to my completely quiet house.  I missed her like crazy.

She came home on Friday, sunburned, dirty, and smiling ear to ear.  She had a blast.  They had a zipline, archery, they went on a hike, slept in a tent without a leader, played in the dirt.. She absolutely loved it.  She was able to eat all the food, and didn't get sick.  First thing she said when she got home was that she really wanted to take a shower.  She spent the rest of the day doing her hair and makeup, painting her nails, and trying on different outfits.  It's good to know some things never change.

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